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Welcome to Dandelion Home School Coaching! We're glad you're here! 

At Dandelion Home School Coaching, our goal is to work collaboratively with each family, providing mentorship, curriculum advising, and resources that enlighten, encourage, and empower. We don't believe our experience makes us an expert on your home school. We believe our experience only serves to help us uncover your expertise. We firmly hold that you are the expert on your home school. We look forward to supporting you on this amazing journey!

We'd love for you to start by scheduling a Free Consultation Call to tell us more about yourself and your needs

We Can Help!

Are you homeschooling a child who learns differently, has special needs, or learning disabilities? 


Have you disenrolled from school or are homeschooling a child suffering with general anxiety, testing anxiety, or going through a hard time? 

 Do you need help putting together your yearly homeschool curriculum on a tight budget? 

Would you like the support of an experienced and trained homeschooling veteran with personalized curriculum recommendations or the development of a customized Homeschool IEP?

Have you disenrolled from school with an LGBTQ+ kid or have a child who was being bullied and need help setting up a supportive academic environment? 

Have you recently started homeschooling and find yourself wondering if you're "doing it right"? 

Do you need help connecting with the local homeschooling community and finding your tribe?

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Our Experience 

Here at Dandelion Home School Coaching, we have extensive experience developing Homeschool IEPs with, creating curriculum and building homeschooling programs with, and mentoring : 

Hope earned a nursing degree in 1991, and then went on to lecture as a certified nursing assistant instructor, tutor English as a second language, and teach reading to adults. Hope started homeschooling and coaching in 2008. One of their homeschooled children has autism, both have ADHD and learning disabilities. Teaching two neurodivergent kids with learning disabilities gave them extensive experience as an Accessibility Educator. Hope enjoys leading classes and co-ops, creating curriculum, and designing homeschooling programs for kids who learn differently.

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Our Promises To You

We promise that we will always listen to you as an individual. We promise to honor and support your individual choices. We promise to respect, without judgment, your parenting and homeschooling styles. 

We promise that every service you receive, from scheduling to coaching sessions to billing, will be delivered with utmost care and integrity. 

We promise to make our business an inclusive space where all are welcomed, regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or disability status.

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